atik-su-aritma-sistemleri-antalya-aquachem-01Domestic waste water treatment systems and industrial wastewater treatment systems with maximum efficiency, and low cost are designed on the basis of minimum energy.
The field of wastewater treatment systems in areas with shortages of underground systems can be applied very easily.
Areas to apply:
■ Accommodations, accommodation facilities, restaurants
■ Factories and all industrial facilities
■ Hospitals and various health organizations
■ Sites, mass housing and holiday camps
■ Schools and military units

MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems

mbr-sistemleri-atik-su-aritma-sistemi-antalyaThe MBR process liquid/solid sedimentation in the pool instead of the final operation for the micro-pore diameter membranes are used where the activated sludge in suspension of growing system.
Turnkey MBR system:
– Standard, pre-made design package systems.
– Efficient thanks to compact design, low space requirements for the facility
– Robust, high quality system and parts.
– Easy capacity increase.
– Discharge water that meet the standards or more values of the system under product


MBBR systems, in order to treat waste water appropriately, together with other processes for purification of wastewater from different sources can be used: BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) after anaerobic treatment for the removal of High BOD/COD (chemical oxygen demand) prior to the activated sludge system for the treatment of existing facilities (lagoons, oxidation ponds and activated sludge plants), the development of existing or to be converted in order to comply with the new regulations in the activated sludge system, nitrogen removal in the pre-treatment process.

■ Self-regulating biomass.
■ Flexible design for increased capacity.
■ Operational regulation is not required, only equipment maintenance is required.
■ Balanced even when loading differences are excessive.
■ Takes less space.
■ Low investment and operating cost.
■ Single pass treatment.
■ Many areas of application.
■ Compact and extremely simple biological treatment system.