Tandem FRP Tanks Softening System

The water softening process is carried out by the ion exchange method.
Controlled by flow of water softening units, according to the raw water hardness and amount of resin used, can enter regeneration with salt water at set flow automatically. Tandem Water softener units is a system which has two tanks. Tandem Water Softener units become two softener units. Resin tanks work alternately at fully automatic tandem type water softener units. When one of the tank is making regeneration transaction, the other tank is working and softener can always give water to system. So, the system can work 24 hour without people’s intervention and product soft water. Controlled by flow of water softening units of regeneration intervals are up to the usage of water consumption. Regeneration intervals consist of back-washing, absorption of salt water, slow rinsing, fast rinsing and filling of salt water. When resin gives the water Calsium (Ca+2), Magnesium (Mg+2) ions, takes Sodium (Na+) ions and become ready to service position after these five stages.