Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Sea water reverse osmosis systems (DESALINIZATION) are providing available freshwater resources in cases where it is unavoidable not to use the sea water or ocean water (e.g., ships, water, sites, water treatment, water treatment in hotels, hospitals, water treatment, water treatment in holiday villages, municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment plants and water purification needs for all living areas) solution partner in the supply of fresh water systems.

Tetra Series Sea Water T.O.S. 100 m3 / day to 1500 m3 / day

■ FRP membrane covers
■ TFC Spiral Winding Membranes 8″ diameter
■ AISI304 or AISI316 Dublex quality stainless steel high pressure pump
■ St37 Epoxy painted Carbon Steel or AISI304 Stainless Steel chassis
■ Cartridge filtration with 5 micron sensitivity
■ Low pressure line-PVC PN16
■ High pressure line AISI316Ti or Dublex Stainless Steel
■ Input Electric actuated butterfly valve
■ Low and high pressure switchgear
■ Clean and waste water flowmeters
■ Glycerine manometers
■ Product water conductivity indicator (0-2000μS / cm)
■ Input and Product water pH Meter (optional)
■ On-Off switchgear
■ Alarm and Status lamps
■ 380 V / 50Hz / 3ph
■ IP56 control panel

Recommended Input Water Limits

■ Input water TDS: 38,000 – 41,000 ppm
■ Operating pressure: 50 to 70 bar
■ Input water pressure: 2 to 5 bar
■ Input water pH range: 6 – 8
■ Silica (SiO2) Tolerance 25 ppm max. @ 60% yield
■ Max. Input water temperature = 30º C Max.
■ Max Iron (Fe) tolerance 0.05 ppm
■ Hydrogen Sulfide should not be presented.
■ No blurriness.