a – Standard Uv Devices
b – Amalgam series UV Devices
c – Cleaner-motorized Uv Devices
An important point in UV devices, protective quartz glass cleaning. Substances dissolved in water (lime, iron and manganese, organic compounds, etc.) over time a layer of dirt will form on glass and quartz grab. Grime if not cleaned water produced by the rays of the UV lamp will reach less and less. The UV sensor at this point, again, takes on an important task. The intensity of UV radiation will decrease due to the contaminated quartz glass reactor. The UV sensor will detect it, when it has decreased to a critical value, giving the alarm will warn the operator. Stylish quartz glass cleaning polluted waters that require a “mechanical cleaners” UV devices should be preferred. Such equipment Wiper “full auto” is recommended. Cleaner frequency of cleaning and the speed of the operator manual for the “pleasure” since it is inefficient. The most effective quartz glass cleaning “chemical cleaning” method. The UV reactor and UV reactor will be circulated in dilute acid can be removed from the inner wall of the quartz glass. In the device at least once a year UV cleaner, chemical cleaning should be applied.

E 505 UV Systems

E 305 UV Systems

E 110 UV Systems

E 50 UV Systems