HDPE Covered UV Systems

HDPE-UV-su-filtreleriUltraviolet disinfection of water used in agricultural irrigation with sea water or Guano devices, especially stainless due to the corrosion of the weld HDPE high salt concentrations the system-bodied ultraviolet systems are preferred.
a – Standard HDPE UV-bodied Devices
b – HDPE Amalgam Series UV-bodied Devices

HDPE UV filters
Input-output: 1″- 3½”
Stream: 5m³ – 50m³
Power: 58W – 580W
Number of lamps: 1 – 10

UV Amalgam series of filters
Input-Output: 2 “- 8”
Stream: 25m³ – 200m³
Power: 300W – 2400W
Number of lamps: 1 – 8

Where to applied:
– Swimming pools
– Freshwater aquariums
– Drinking water purification systems
– Disinfection of water
– Saltwater aquariums
– Decorative aquariums