MBR Gray Water Purifying Systems

Domestic gray water are water from kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, toilet, and water that are used for similar purposes.
Black water is a portion of domestic gray water; waste from the toilet septic tank that contains water. Grey water recycling, waste water at least the dirty part of the shower, the sink, the tub, the water is purified for reuse. In some special cases, water or gray water from the kitchen, including a washing machine, and discarded by the recovery can be also treated.

Grey Water Treatment Systems With Ultra-Filtration

ultrafiltrasyon-gri-su-aritimi-antalyaThere is not an accepted universal definition of gray water.
Because it is easily biologically degradable pollution levels and low hand-washing sinks, water from baths and showers, gray water is considered.
UV systems, sand, tanks filled with carbon and biological media in conjunction with the balancing systems or ventilated, along with the waters can be purified of this genre.
In the final stage, the purified water from the system, UV and /or chlorine dosed can be used.