Disinfecting Irrigation Water

Plant diseases in agricultural production and post harvest storage cause significant loss of products or affect product quality.Сontrol of plant diseases plays an important role for increasing quality and productivity in agricultural production, prevention of losses before and after harvesting.

Use of Huwa-san in the Agricultural Sector

• Against pathogenic microorganisms in irrigation water and algae formation
• In Viol disinfection
• In the disinfection of the greenhouse equipment
• Removal of biofilm, sediment and layering in the piping system (once a year)
• Disinfection of containers
• Air disinfection in fruits, vegetables storages
• Air disinfection in citrus fruit packaging area and fruits washing area
• Use of Huwa-san as a preventive medicine against diseases in grass

Huwa-san removes disease agents on all surfaces it is applied, providing a high level of disinfection.

Sources of diseases in agricultural production: material, irrigation system and water, soil, people, tools and equipment, violliler, airway.

Application area Applied Dosage Application Type
Irrigation Water 30 ppm It is continuously dosed with dosing pump.
Removal of biofilm layer in pipes and hoses % 2-4 Huwa-san are left inside water pipes for 6-24 hours, then removed.
Equipment Ddisinfection % 1-2 To be left 5-10 minutes in immersion water
Floor and surface disinfection % 1-3 Apply by spraying method.
Air disinfection % 1-3 It is applied into the greenhouse with hand or back ULV device.
Foot disinfection % 2 The solution is applied to the foot mat.