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—Mechanical Contracting firms, factories, water treatment and recycling, wastewater treatment plant design, installation, commissioning and after sales service,
—Apartment, building, raw water treatment or purification system of official or private institutions and hospitals with the quality of drinking water or water producing the desired quality of the system design, installation and turnkey construction.
—Related to the discovery of existing or planned new water and wastewater treatment plants, the design and realization of the project, Equipment, Supplies, technical service, installation, commissioning of the process implementation.
—Any desired quality, using of pure water, soft water production systems design, installation and turnkey construction.
—Washing and water purification systems for the production of the quality needed for painting operations.
—Coating for the industry to produce pure water treatment systems design, installation and turnkey construction, the supply of the necessary consumables and technical service to existing systems.
—Military installations needed for the general water and wastewater treatment and facilities design, manufacturing, installation, service and commissioning services.
—Mobile camps and temporary settlements with water treatment systems needs to source certain non-potable water can be converted into water. Aquachem Brand of Angstrom is a partner for your problem`s solution.

Clear water for every home!

Purified water on the quality of spring water

Clear water with Aquachem

—We offer the use of water purification devices by modern production methods by using recent technological potable water from taps, which makes it available to the homes and workplaces.
—Angstrom Aquachem LLC the brand users’ are provided by space-saving, ergonomic designed home water treatment devices, with the ability to serve the whole house.
—In today’s technology water produced by the device before passing through a reverse osmosis water treatment system is subjected to pre-filtration. “Particle filter”, also known as sequential filter, all the particles larger than five microns in sizes that are in the water and are destroyed.
—Factors that decrease solubility or increase accessibility to the pores improve the performance of the activated carbon filter. This not only improves taste and minimizes health hazards; it protects other water treatment units such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange.


Chemical Cleaning System (Cip)

Unit is used to prevent clogging in reverse osmosis membranes and to keep longer lifespan.

Tanks ≫

Active Carbon System

Surface piped epoxy tank ST-37 active carbon filter systems.

Filtration ≫

Tandem Softening Systems

Eliminate the hardness of water, softening and improving the taste drinking water also.

Softening ≫