AQUACHEM – water purification systems from Turkey

We started to operate in 2015 with 17-years of working with pools and numerous projects in leading companies of the sector in the areas of water treatment and our business experience, technical engineering in our infrastructure are enough to identity the quality with the name of ANGSTROM ENGINEERING. Domestic and industrial water purification systems, business and contracting pool chemicals, water pump systems and ozone generators are showing the project friendly, contracting and consultancy activity.

Aquachem Brand, especially in biggest need in water treatment, with the right product before product delivery to the end user idea to provide a policy relevant project that will give the optimum benefit to businesses with systems design and installation, provides a system that can receive the highest production at the lowest cost.

Our team –  environmental protection engineers, chemists and chemical engineers, agricultural engineers and technical staff for service. In order to provide its services to the ever-high level, we are constantly expanding professional staff and strive to become a brand that is recognized worldwide.