Surface Piped Epoxy ST-37 Tank Sand / Active Carbon Filter Systems

– Epoxy painted carbon steel tank
– Activated carbon filter systems AQUACHEM brand coconut-based activated carbon (with optional coal-based activated carbon)
– Maximum working pressure 6 bar
– Time controlled backwash (differential pressure is optional)
– Pneumatic actuated butterfly valves gate (Optional electric actuator)
– (SAND FILTERS) F-1215 and F-1615 sub collection structure octopus diffuser
– (SAND FILTERS) F-2015 and F-2815 sub collection structure on the mirror fungus diffuser
– (ACTIVE CARBON) C-1215 and C-1615 sub collection structure octopus diffuser
– (ACTIVE CARBON) C-2015 to C-2815 sub-collection structure fungus diffuser over the mirror
– PVC-U material surface finishing (Optional galvanized surface finishing option)
– Sample taps, manometers and vacuum cleaner at system inputs and outputs.
– Electricity 220V / 50 Hz / 1 pH
– The supplying of dry air belongs to the customer responsibilities.
– The recommended compressor capacity is at least 100 Lt / min @ 8 bar.